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Agrumato® Citron

Produced by:


in Abruzzo, Italy

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil & citrons

The citron, or cedro in Italian, is an unusual citrus fruit, having a distinctive gnarly skin and pulpy interior. There is little use for the interior of the citron, which produces minimal juice, but the thick skin is intensely fragrant thanks to the essential oils in its outermost layer, and produces bright concentrated flavors. The color of citron can vary from lime green to yellow-orange, depending on the variety. 

Agrumato® Citron captures the aromatic flavor of Italian citrons through its unique whole-fruit and olive crushing process. Whole citrons are crushed together with olives in a state-of-the-art frantoio, sealing the essential oils of the citron zest in the resulting extra virgin olive oil. Use Agrumato® Citron as a seasoning for white fish, scallops, and chicken. It's also wonderful drizzled over steamed or raw vegetables. 

AGRUMATO®, a precious condiment, is the result of the creativity and passion of the Ricci family from Lanciano, in Abruzzo. Traditionally in this region of Italy, olive farmers have celebrated the end of the harvest by crushing lemons with freshly picked olives. The Ricci family had the ingenuity to bottle this unique oil, reviving a nearly forgotten Abruzzese tradition, as well as create new flavors with different citrus fruits.

AGRUMATO® is the original. The Ricci family created and trademarked the word AGRUMATO®— from agrumi, meaning "citrus" in Italian—to describe their delicious olive oil with its bright citrus flavor,. AGRUMATO®'s incomparable flavor brightens dishes like no other oil can. Chefs use these ideal finishing condiments for drizzling over grilled meat or fish, for dressing fresh salads, and for pouring generously over vegetables. Many bakers also use AGRUMATO® oils in their pastry recipes.

Please Note: Due to the global glass shortage, this product may temporarily come in a different shaped bottle.

  •  Gold Medal, Flavored Category
    LA International Competition 2019

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit/CaseCase WeightUnit PriceCase PriceUPC Code
200 ml/6.8 fl oz
3 kg/7 lb

  • Drizzle over crudo, scallops, crab, and clams.
  • Serve over grilled asparagus, green beans, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.
  • Pour over grilled chicken, pork chops, and veal scallopini.
  • Drizzle over vanilla gelato, sorbets, and granita.