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  • Olive trees in Florence, Tuscany

  • Wheat fields in Pianella, Abruzzo

  • Citrus groves in Syracuse, Sicily

  • Rice fields in Vercelli, Piedmont

Manicaretti has been making friends across the table for over 30 years!

We are an importer and wholesaler bringing artisanal products from Italy's finest regional producers to retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. Through Friends of Manicaretti, we also offer a selection of exceptional products from France, Spain, and beyond. Read more about us.

Manicaretti's Guide to Italy

Eating, drinking, and sharing a table with family and friends are life's greatest pleasures. We often get asked where we recommend eating when traveling throughout Italy, so we decided to compile all our favorites for you here. Check back often as we add more regional recommendations - Buon ...
Rolando's Cookbook


An insider’s glimpse into the farms and kitchens where tastemaker and Manicaretti Founder Rolando Beramendi learned to cook authentically. Start with the very best pantry items, buy what is fresh and in season, and make dishes the way they are meant to be, simple and delicious.
Rolando's Cookbook