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Agrumato®, a precious condiment, is the result of the creativity and passion of the Ricci family from Lanciano, Abruzzo. 

Traditionally in this region of Italy, olive farmers have celebrated the harvest’s end by crushing together whole citrus fruit and freshly picked olives. It was the Ricci family that first coined the term Agrumato®—from “agrume” meaning citrus in Italian,—to describe their delicious olive oil with its bright, citrus flavor, and to highlight the tradition from which it comes. An ideal finishing condiment for drizzling over hot steak or fish, for dressing fresh salads, or for pouring generously over warm vegetables. Many bakers are using Agrumato® oils in their pastry recipes.

Manicaretti brings you four of these unique oils. Each Agrumato® oil comes packaged in an elegant bottle with images of Renaissance paintings on the labels.


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  • Postcode: 66034
  • City: Lanciano
  • State: Chieti (CH)


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Francesco and daughter Lucrezia Ricci of Agrumato®
Manicaretti Founder Rolando and Francesco and Lucrezia Ricci celebrate their DOUBLE sofi win!
Lucrezia Ricci
Olive groves in the foothills of the Appenine mountains.
Freshly harvest olives that will pressed simultaneously with citrus fruit.
Agrumato® Lemon Label:
Agrumato® Orange Label:
Agrumato® Citron Label:
Agrumato® Tangerine Label:
Agrumato® lineup at the Manicaretti Fancy Food Show booth.
Agrumato® Lemon on white fish crudo with pistachios.
White fish crudo with Agrumato Lemon and pistachios.
Shrimp with Oregano drenched in Agrumato® Tangerine.
Crab and avocado tartare with Agrumato® Tangerine.
Pan'Agrumato Orange overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
Sofi Award-winning Pan'Agrumato Montepulciano

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