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Pestosino Calabrese - Spicy Calabrian Pesto

Produced by:


in Calabria, Italy

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes, white wine vinegar, hot pepper, tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, anchovies, garlic.

Ignite your taste buds with Giodà’s Pestosino Calabrese, a fiery, ultra-flavorful Calabrian pesto. Hand-chopped sundried tomatoes, hot peppers, porcini mushrooms, anchovies, and garlic are combined with olive oil to create this umami-packed condiment with a delightful crunchy texture akin to chili crisp.

Sisters Giovanna and Ida Conforti developed Pestosino Calabrese amidst the uncertainty and fear of the first COVID-19 lockdown, which abrupted halted their nascent company’s production just a month and a half after opening. With unwavering creativity and determination, they created a delicious product that became a symbol of Calabrian resilience, sourcing all the ingredients exclusively from their home region.

Giodà’s Pestosino Calabrese is your go-to flavor enhancer. Whether you add a spoonful to beans or tomato sauce, spread it on sausages or tuna fillets, or savor it with pecorino, pasta, or grilled cheese—every bite will transport you straight to Calabria!

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85 gr/3 oz
3.2 kg/7 lb