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Dried Organic Wildflower Bee Pollen

Produced by:

Giorgio Poeta

in Marche, Italy

This Dried Wildflower Bee Pollen is a true feast for the senses! Each jar holds a stunning bouquet of colors, as diverse as the flowers that the pollen comes from. The small granules release an earthy, vegetal, and floral aroma. Their intense flavor is a delightful mix of honey sweetness; savory, matcha-like bitterness; and a slight acidity. The compact granules have a crunchy, chalky texture that melts quickly in the mouth.

Giorgio Poeta only harvests his millefiori honey and pollen from pristine Apennine mountain meadows, at an elevation of 700 to 1200 meters. Here, nature‘s magnificent biodiversity explodes in technicolor. As the bees roam freely from flower to flower, foraging for nectar to bring back to their hives, pollen adheres to their legs. Upon returning, they enrich and bind the powdery pollen with nectar and saliva to provide nutrition (especially protein) to young bees. 

Giorgio Poeta takes great care to collect no more than 10% of this precious pollen using grid-like traps placed at the entrance of the hives. As bees pass through, a small part of the pollen on their legs is collected. These pollen traps are carefully monitored to ensure they cause no harm to individual bees or to the hives. The harvested pollen is then dehydrated at very low temperatures to preserve its natural flavor and many nutritional properties.

Giorgio Poeta recommends taking his Wildflower Bee Pollen taking by the spoonful for a quick energy boost or adding it to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal. It’s also delicious sprinkled creamy cheeses such as ricotta and burrata. Add a unique twist to savory dishessalads, roasted vegetables, grilled meats and more!

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100 gr/3.5 oz
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