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Millefiori di Montagna - Organic Mountain Wildflower Honey

Produced by:

Giorgio Poeta

in Marche, Italy

Ingredients: 100% honey

Giorgio Poeta’s Mountain Wildflower Honey is a unique symphony of over 300 different blossoms. Its aroma is fruity, slightly herbaceous, and intensely floral, like walking through a meadow in full bloom. The flavor is equally complex, with a caramelized sweetness and pronounced nuttiness—think pecan pie or granola—plus a hint of citrus. The texture of this deep, amber-colored honey changes depending on the particular year’s harvest, a hallmark of its natural production. It may be smooth and syrupy one year, crystallized and coarse the next.

From April to August, Giorgio Poeta’s bees freely roam throughout pristine Apennine mountain meadows, gathering nectar from a variety of wildflowers and shrubs at an elevation of 700 to 1200 meters. No two harvests of Millefiori Honey are ever the same. Every year, Giorgio Poeta captures a snapshot of the mountain territory‘s ruggedness, complexity, and beauty in this one-of-a-kind honey. According to Giorgio Poeta, the ultimate test of a honey producer is in crafting their millefiori, not their monofloral honeys.

Giorgio Poeta recommends pairing his Millefiori Honey with plain yogurt and macedonie (fruit salads). It is also delicious drizzled over Primo Sale, fresh ricotta, or gelato. Millefiori Honey’s crowd-pleasing flavor makes it ideal for any recipe that calls for honey.

Nota Bene: If you prefer a pourable honey, simply set the jar in a hot water bath and stir as it warms.

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250 gr/8.8 oz
2.7 kg/6 lb