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Giorgio Poeta

The son of farmers, Giorgio Poeta discovered his passion for beekeeping by chance when his father gave him an unusual high school graduation gift: two bee hives! For Giorgio and his bees, it was love at first sight. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Agriculture, he decided to devote himself entirely to his bees and began producing honey in Fabriano, Le Marche in 2002. Soon, those two hives would become 400 (each containing 70,000 bees) and Giorgio would establish himself as one of the best beekeepers in Italy. Watch Giorgio’s TED Talk: “Ape, il Pixel della natura.”

Giorgio views being a beekeeper as his mission, not just his job. The beehive tattoo on his arm reflects how strong and deep his bond is. He focuses first and foremost on the well-being of his bees and on the health of their surrounding environment, rather than on honey production. Giorgio dedicates himself to nomadic beekeeping, which ensures his bees always live in unspoiled, flower-rich places, far from intensive farming and pesticides. Guided by his immense love for bees and the delicious nectars they give us, he has managed to locate these mystical places where nature reigns supreme and in each of them has established hives. Bringing bees to these locations has the positive effect of reinvigorating entire ecosystems, as bees perform their daily life-giving pollination.

The practice of nomadism also gives the bees ever-changing blooms and consequently produces diverse varieties of honey. They range from tarassaco (dandelion), produced in Lazio around mid-April, to the inner Marche area for tiglio (linden) in early June. Coriandolo (coriander blossom) honey is also produced at the beginning of June on the Adriatic coast of Umbria-Marche. The journey of the bees continues in the rolling hills of the Marche around Macerata, Ancona, and Pesaro for girasole (sunflower) in July. When nature permits, Stachys honey is collected in Fabriano in August. There is no shortage of fixed beehives from March to August in the Umbria-Marche Apennine mountains to obtain millefiori (mountain wildflower) honey and bee pollen. Each area has its own peculiarity, which Giorgio tries to communicate and enhance in the best possible way.

Giorgio Poeta’s honey is sweet, sincere, and full of lovethe result of teamwork between tireless bees and their fearless protector! Visit Giorgio's honey shop and laboratory in Fabriano or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an apiaries tour.