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Tiglio - Organic Linden Honey

Produced by:

Giorgio Poeta

in Marche, Italy

Ingredients: 100% honey

Giorgio Poeta's Linden Honey has the color of golden wheat and the enrapturing aroma of blooming linden trees, with a hint of medicinal balsam. Its sweet, fresh, and tangy flavor lingers on the palate, while its solid and slightly granular texture makes it perfect for eating by the spoonful like a delicious candy!

The Linden tree is widespread throughout Europe and particularly cherished for its aromatic flowers. In fact, the tree is often referred to as the "tree of lovers" due to the aphrodisiac effect of the sumptuous perfume it emanates during flowering. This honey is collected at the beginning of June from wild linden trees in the Fabriano hills, at an altitude of 500-700 meters above sea level. Giorgio Poeta carefully positions his hives in areas without chestnut trees, ensuring the purest collection of linden honey.

Giorgio Poeta reccommends using his Linden Honey to sweeten tisanes (herbal infusions) and teas, especially lemon verbena tea. Linden Honey’s fresh, aromatic notes make it an ideal pairing for alpine pasture cheeses, such as Fontina, which enhance its herbaceous aromas.

Nota Bene: If you prefer a pourable honey, simply set the jar in a hot water bath and stir as it warms.

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250 gr/8.8 oz
2.7 kg/6 lb