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Tagged with: D.O.P. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

In 1979, the Consortium of Producers of Traditonal Balsamic Vinegar of Modena established a series of controls, rules and regulations for the process to make "true" Balsamic Vinegar. In April 2000, the European Union granted this product the highest recognition by awarding it a D.O.P (Protected Origin Denomination) ensuring consistency and continuation of its centuries-long tradition. Within the Consortium there is a board of assaggiatori (expert tasters) who guarantee that each vinegar bottled in the distinctive Giuggiaro-designed bottle with the limited-number Seal of Quality has been produced in compliance with all the rules, regulations and procedures set forth by the Consortium and offers the "true" characteristics of this magnificent product. Read more about Balsamic Vinegar.