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Manicaretti Wins 5 Awards in the 2018 sofi™ Award competition!


2018 sofi awards logoThe sofi™ results are in and Manicaretti has earned top honors (again!) for products released in the past year.

The Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards have been honoring the best in specialty food for 45+ years. sofi™ Award honorees were selected through a blind tasting process and are true innovators in their categories.

Best New Pasta

rustichella best new product still 

saragolla 2018 sofi 200x200Saragolla Rigatoncini from Rustichella d'Abruzzo

Ancient Saragolla wheat semolato (semi-whole wheat flour) is extruded into a nutritious pasta with a pleasant nutty flavor.

sofi™ Best New Product Award winner


Best New Seafood

iasa best new product still

iasa branzino 2018 sofi 200x166Grilled Branzino from IASA

Mediterranean Sea Bass gently grilled and hand-packed in olive oil.

sofi™ Best New Product, and Silver Award winner


Best New Baked Good

agruamto best new product still

panagrumato montepulciano 2018 sofi 200x200Pan'Agrumato with Montepulciano Wine from Agrumato

Extra virgin olive oil meets Montepulciano wine in a twist on the classic cake.

sofi™ Best New Product, and Silver Award winner


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