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Manicaretti's 2021 sofi™ Award Winners!

Published on
14 July 2022

Congratulations to Caravaglio and Marchesi di San Giuliano

The 2021 sofi™ Award results are in and Manicaretti has once again thrilled the judges! Out of nearly 1,500 entries, two of our products were chosen and awarded top honors.

Since 1972, the Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards Competition has recognized the best in specialty food. Products are judged in an anonymous sampling for taste - including flavor, appearance, texture and aroma - ingredient quality, and innovation.

Meet the 2021 Winners!

Sicilian Capers in Wine Vinegar from Caravaglio

sofi™ New Product Winner, Pickles & Olives Category

Salina capers—grown on the island off the coast of Sicily—are known for their intense aroma, tight shape, delicate crunch. These prized buds are hand-harvested & preserved in a brine of wine vinegar, water, and salt. Spoon these briny, tangy capers straight from the jar over seafood, meat, veggies.

Organic Orange Slices in Syrup from Marchesi di San Giuliano

sofi™ Silver Award Winner, Fruits & Vegetables Category

Estate-grown organic Sicilian oranges are hand-cut into thick slices then gently caramelized in simple syrup until shiny and tender. The slices are preserved in a dense reduction of orange juice, simple syrup, and organic brandy. A decorative, delicious ingredient for cakes, desserts, and even cocktails!

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