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Born in Santo Stefano di Rogliano, a small Calabrian town in the Cosenza area near the Sila mountains, sisters Giovanna and Ida Conforti grew up in harmony with nature, enjoying genuine, non-industrial food. Their professional pursuits led them away from home, but when Giovanna, a marketing manager, and Ida, an architect, were both let go by their employers after becoming mothers, the sisters decided to return to their beloved Calabria and embark on a new endeavor: share with the world what they had been producing for themselves all along: authentic jams, marmalades, and vegetable preserves.

Founded in December 2019, Giodà's journey has been marked by challenges. As the world grappled with the uncertainties of COVID-19, the nascent company was forced to halt production a mere month and a half after opening. Their hometown Santo Stefano di Rogliano was one of the first municipalities in Italy closed as a "red zone." A profound sense of terror gripped the entire community, intensified by unsettling echoes of a historical tragedy in the 1600s, when the plague ravaged the town's population. Even in the midst of this fear and discouragement, the sisters forged ahead with unwavering creativity and determination, developing delicious new products made from 100% Calabrian ingredients that served as symbols of Calabria's resilence.

Calabria's hilly and mountainous terrain leaves only a small portion of flat land, yet these fertile pockets foster a thriving agricultural landscape. From renowned red onions of Tropea to fiery chili peppers, vegetables to olive trees, and vines to citrus fruits, the region boasts an abundant harvest that serves as the heart of Giodà's offerings. Giovanna and Ida meticulously select the finest raw ingredients, always respecting seasonality, and never using any artificial dyes or preservatives.

With every handmade jar, Giodà encapsulates the fiery, tenacious spirit of Calabria, inviting us to savor their homeland’s rich culinary heritage.