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O Magazine Loves Pizza Senza Crosta from AUTENTICO

No Crust is the New Crust

Pizza done the AUTENTICO way

Pizza Without a Crust or Pizza Senza Crosta is the creation of Manicaretti Founder, Rolando Beramendi in his recent cookbook AUTENTICO: Cooking Italian the Authentic Way (pg. 108). This unique take on pizza allows for customization in every bite!

In the article, "In Crust We Trust" (O Magazine, March 2018), Oprah and her team seek out unconventional renditions of pizza crust, exploring new textures and flavors, ranging from crunchy cornmeal crust to earthy portobello mushroom caps. They rave about Pizza Senza Crosta:

"The most creative pizza base we've come across? No crust at all."

Simple, satisfying, and sizzling from stove to table

Pizza Senza Crosta is a crowd-pleasing recipe—simple to make, and a fun way to feature your favorite pizza toppings.

In a large pot start by heating a great tomato sauce (we recommend using Masseria Mirogallo's Passata di Pomodori), add in basil and mozzarella slices, and warm until the cheese is partially melted. The entire pot should be brought table side and served with focaccia or crusty bread, along with bowls of assorted toppings so that each person can choose their favorite combination. Rolando deems it:

“A bit of a cross between fondue, mozzarella sticks, and pizza.”

Hot toppings – make your own creative combo

The toppings can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Here are a few ideas from the Manicaretti pantry:

Taggiasca Olives in Brine – Plump, meaty olives from the sunny Italian Riviera.

Anchovy Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Add a briny kick to the mix with these small, pink Sicilian fish.

Sun Dried Cruschi Peppers – More sweet than hot, Cruschi Peppers add layers of dimension to any dish. Crush with mortar and pestle and sprinkle over your creation.

Salted Capers from Salina – Little bursts of umami, but be sure to rinse first!

Organic Oregano Branches – Perfume your portion with this air-dried delicacy.

Hot Pepper in Olive Oil – Brilliant crimson peppers add an addictive heat with sweet and smoky flavor.

TONDO Extra Virgin Olive OIl – No pizza would be complete without a finishing swirl of olive oil. TONDO's complex tomato aroma and flavor are a bright complement to this crustless treat.

Pizza Senza Crosta photo by Laurie Frankel for AUTENTICO. O Magazine photos by Ryan Liebe.

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