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Biscotti with Hazelnuts

Produced by:

Biscottificio Antonio Mattei

in Tuscany, Italy

  • Available 4th Quarter Only

Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, sugar, 20% hazelnuts, eggs from free-range hens. Product obtained exclusively from Nocciola Piemonte IGP.

Biscottificio Antonio Mattei has been producing the archetypal Biscotti di Prato since 1858, and, in all this time, the Pandolfini family has never altered their production methods or relaxed their rigorous standards. Mattei biscotti are known for their incomparable airy, crunchy texture and yellow tint from free-range egg yolks used in the dough. Recognized as the original and ultimate biscotti (also known as cantuccini), their famous blue bags tied up with string (easy to hold as a parcel with one finger) are seen in the best food shops and restaurants around Italy.

Antonio Mattei introduce another new iteration of their famous biscotti: Biscotti con Nocciole IGP Piemonte. Every aromatic bite is firm, crunchy and rich with pieces of IGP Hazelnuts from Piemonte that will have you going back for piece after piece. Biscotti with Hazelnuts comes in their iconic blue blag and is wrapped in string—ready to be transported on a finger, just like the traditional Biscotti di Prato.

Enjoy with your morning cappuccino or pair with Vin Santo at the end of a meal, the way the Tuscans do.

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250 gr
8 lb