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The rice of Principato di Lucedio is in a class of its own—fresh, and full of flavor.

Principato di Lucedio is a rare example of single-estate rice; they grow, harvest, and pack all their own product, skipping the typical consolidation of other growers. This method ensures that each and every grain is handled with the same level of care throughout the entire process and the highest quality is maintained.

The estate’s rice is harvested annually, dried to ensure the shelf life of the product, and only removed from the hull once ready to ship, to ensure maximum flavor, aroma, and moisture content. The rice is minimally processed (no whitening or re-engineering occurs) which means this rice is as close to nature and as fresh as possible.

The rice of Principato di Lucedio has an average humidity index close to 14%, giving it an unparalleled texture when cooked. Not only does it make for a perfectly creamy risotto, but the al dente bite extends beyond cooking and can be used in a variety of ways (see our recipe page for ideas!).

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