Pasticcerie Sinatti

In addition to their famous panforte, Pasticceria Sinatti is also well known and respected for its world-class cookies and traditional Italian confections.

Pasticcerie Sinatti was born in a small town near Siena in 1984 from the entrepreneurial dream of two young friends, Luciano and Antonio. The company focused on producing all kinds of pastries in their small laboratorio, selling directly to the public on Sunday mornings.

Over the years the company has gradually expanded and is now solely run by Luciano Sinatti. For Pasticcerie Sinatti, fidelity to traditional recipes, discovered and learned with the help of historian Giovanni Righi Parenti, with whom they have collaborated for many years, is of utmost importance. Baking according to these traditional recipes is a skilled art, and Pasticcerie Sinatti always uses the highest quality ingredients.

Today, Pasticcerie Sinatti is one of the largest traditional bakeries in the province of Siena, boasting two retail stores and a laboratorio. And not only in Siena… In fact, Sinatti Pasticcerie Sinatti sells their typical Sienese sweets throughout Italy and the world.

Founded by Rolando Beramendi in 1988, Manicaretti is an importer and wholesaler of the finest Italian foods to retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. Through Friends of Manicaretti, we also offer a selection of exceptional, artisanal products from France, Spain, and beyond.

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