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The Oliveri name has been synonymous with the best porcini in Piemonte since the 1920s. Raised in the heart of the Alto Monferrato, an area tucked between Piemonte and Liguria with a rich gastronomic heritage, Emilio Oliveri's grandfather became well-known for selling his and other local foragers' porcini harvest as far as Genova. Later, in the center of Acqui Terme, a small town founded by the ancient Romans and most famous for its mineral-rich geothermal springs, Emilio’s father opened a shop showcasing the finest local food treasures, drawing food enthusiasts from all over country.

Emilio Oliveri took his family's passion for porcini—"little masterpieces of nature” as he calls themto the next level. Over the last 20 years, in addition to continuing to run his father’s store, Emilio, together with his wife Marina, started a small artisanal laboratory to produce genuine and distinctive mushroom products and specialties of the piemontese pantry. Oliveri's young, close-knit team of artisans is proud to create products that represent and help sustain their region’s traditions and authentic culture.