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The Moretti family has been growing corn and making choice polenta in the Bergamo plains of Lombardia since 1922. To make their “Farina di Grano Turco” (what Italians call polenta), Moretti begins with otto file corn, a special heirloom variety grown in the Po River valley. The ears of corn are carefully husked then dried in temperature-controlled ovens to ensure an even texture in the finished polenta. The kernels are stone ground with the hull and germ, imparting a deeper flavor and more nutrition to the polenta. 

Corn was introduced to Italy from the New World in the 16th century and quickly became popular when it was ground into a fine flour and used to create one of the favorite dishes of Northern Italy: Polenta. Today, in many parts of Italy, and mostly in the north, polenta is still preferred to pasta. Polenta is incredibly versatile and easy to prepare. The best polenta comes from the Lombardy region, particularly around the area of Bergamo north of Milan, where strains of corn are selectively bred and grown.