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La Valletta

Founded in 1985 by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti, the La Valletta farm is located within a protected regional park in Colfiorito, a magnificent plateau nestled in the heart of the Umbria-Marche Apennines. Situated at elevations ranging from 800 to 1000 meters above sea level, Colfiorito's unique terroir and microclimate provide optimal conditions for cultivating legumes. Although

Antonio and Adriana had envisioned a future for their children away from the hardships of farming, their son Alessandro developed a passion for working in the fields at a young age, while their daughter Rosalba found joy in meticulously packing bags of lentils by hand. As the siblings put it, “We came from the earth and we remained attached to the earth. We are still trying to return the love and care in which we grew up.” Today, three generations of the Cappelletti family are engaged in the company, with Alessandro and Rosalba leading the way. Using traditional agriculture methods that respect the earth and its resources, the farm now spans 150 cultivated hectares. La Valletta’s deep commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging, deliberately chosen to contribute to a plastic-free future.

Over time, “La Valletta” has evolved from the simple name of the Cappelletti family’s land to a brand synonymous with authentic, high-quality legumes. Their product range has expanded to included renowned Colfiorito lenticchie; staple beans such as ceci, cannellini, and borlotti; as well as rediscovered ancient legumes such as roveja and cicerchie.