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Familia Zuccardi

A prestigious family of winemakers, Familia Zuccardi has also been recognized as one of the most dynamic and innovative olive oil producers in the world, thanks to the work of Miguel Zuccardi. He is committed to exploring different olive cultivars’ adaptability to the region and highlighting his family's unique home of Mendoza, Argentina through expressive extra virgin olive oils.

The beginnings of the Zuccardi Family Varietal Olive Oil project were based on Miguel Zuccardi’s firm intent to develop the region’s potential, and the first harvest was in 2004. The Familia Zuccardi Maipú olive groves are located in the town Fray Luis Beltrán, at the foot of the Andes mountains, where the family cultivates 198 acres (80 hectares) of olive trees using an organic production system. This region used to be a large wetland known as “La Gran Ciénaga de Bermejo.” The climate of the area and its various soil types create diverse environmental conditions that range from wetlands with marshy vegetation to sand dunes where only a few species can grow. This favors the development of a varied and complex biodiversity. There are green areas between the olive trees, biological corridors, and countryside with native flora and fauna that surrounds the groves. This generates an agro-ecosystem that makes it possible to practice sustainable agriculture.

The pronounced thermal amplitude enhances the qualitative expression of different olive cultivars, especially the local cultivar Arauco, which has been present in the Americas for almost five hundred years.

Familia Zuccardi was founded in 1963 by engineer Alberto Zuccardi. In a desert area such as Mendoza, agriculture is only possible with irrigation, which is why Alberto Zuccardi sought to perfect an irrigation system of his own design in order to develop the region. During his search, he discovered his passion for wine growing. Today, the company includes the talents of the third generation of the family. The Zuccardi family continues to follow the founding commitment, marking a path of shared values that allows them to continue highlighting Mendoza’s unique features.