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Bacalaos Alkorta

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    Polígono Industrial Albitxuri; Naves 1-A a 1-I, Elgoibar, Euskadi, Spain, 20870

In 1976 Miguel Angel Alkorta started working in the food industry, and in 1993, together with his brother José Ignacio, decide to focus on the preparation and preservation of cod. Bacalaos Alkorta is a family-run seafood company in the village of Elgoibar on the Basque coast of Spain. They specialize in superior-quality cod, sourced from one of the most pristine fishing regions in the world—the icy-cold eastern Atlantic waters near the Faroe Islands (a remote archipelago between Norway and Iceland).

Due to the constant growth of the company, in January 2009 they moved to new facilities of more than 3.700 m2, equipped with the latest technologies for the care, conservation, and elaboration of their products. Bacalaos Alkorta is U.S. FDA FCE-certified as well as certified by IQNet and AENOR for its quality management systems and employs 45 people.