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    Carrer Barcelona, 4, Os de Balaguer, Catalonia, Spain, 25610

Alemany Mel y Turrón is an independent honey and turrón producer located in the village Os de Balaguer in the heart of Catalonia in northern Spain. They gather honey from the best beekeepers all over Spain—and only from Spain—concentrating on rare monofloral (single flower) varieties like thyme, rosemary, and chestnut. Alemany's artisanal production practices have remained unchanged for five generations. The company's history dates back to the end of the 19th century when Mrs. Mundeta made sweets with honey and nuts from the area.

For their delicious turrón, Alemany uses the famous Marcona almonds of the region and their own rosemary honey. Catalonia happens to be the Marcona almond capital of Spain, so it was a natural move when Miguel Alemany, the third generation owner of the family business, added Marcona almond turrón to the Alemany product line in the 1970s. As an established and well-respected producer in the area, Alemany has the benefit of both consistent supply and lifelong relationships to ensure the highest quality honey and Marcona almonds.

Alemany has developed a full range of products made with honey, including nuts, condiments, candies, and chocolates. Alemany's gourmet condiments with honey are lovingly made with vinegar from organic Cabernet Sauvignon and muscat grapes and with their orange and chestnut honeys.