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sharingtable2Eating, drinking and sharing a table with family and friends is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I receive about 10 emails a day from friends and clients always asking me to recommend where to eat when they travel to many cities around the world, so we decided to list most of my favorite places and what to eat when you go there.

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St. John

Going to London and not eating at St. John is sacreligious. There are no words to express what a wonderful dining experience eating at St. John's is, and even if the restaurant is not Italian, the philosophy, execution and atmosphere is very close to the same heart. Try the ox heart salad with...


Eating Italian food at Zafferano in London is in many cases even better than in most places in Italy. All of the attention to detail, quality and exceptional ingredients makes this restaurant a superb place to enjoy great food and wines in the chic east part of London. Enzo Cassini, our friend,...