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Pizzichi di Farro

Farro pasta, rustic brown and rich with nutty flavor, provides a perfect canvas for fall cooking. This casserole is like macaroni and cheese with an earthy flavor, warm and rich from melted cheese and butter. Top with pieces of crispy pancetta or roast pork, or explore other seasonal specialties...

Gnocchi with Cheese & Truffled Mushrooms

Plump, pillowy gnocchi shines in this velvety Toma cheese-based sauce, while funghi trifolati - a simple preparation of mushrooms in olive oil, garlic, and parsley – cuts through the richness. Try substituting wild mushrooms for the cremini or adding a few soaked porcini for a deeper flavor. We...

Carnaroli Cacio e Pepe

Crispy, melted cheese, bursts of ground pepper – yes, please! Carnaroli (known as the "king of Italian rice") has the perfect texture and chew to give structure to this addictive dish. Rolando raves: “The right pecorino has to be ‘nasty' with a barnyard-like smell; the...

Arborio Insalata Caprese

Arborio rice cooks to pillowy perfection for this delicate salad. Rolando raves: “The earlier you make this salad, the more flavor you’ll get. It’s really delicious the next day too, just garnish with fresh basil.”

Vialone Nano Riso alle Vongole

The short, pebbly grains of Vialone Nano paired with flavors from the sea. It is no wonder this dish is a favorite of coastal Veneto, usually served with squid ink. Rolando raves: “Try this as if making a fast brodetto di pesce, or a new twist to any seafood stew.”