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The Wall Street Journal Recommends "Magical" Fennel Pollen

This Game-Changing Ingredient Should Be in Every Kitchen

Simply magic

Fennel Pollen, with its bright, clean anise flavor, has been a treasured ingredient in Tuscany for centuries. Manicaretti first started importing Fennel Pollen over twenty years ago, when Founder Rolando Beramendi brought the herb back to the United States from Italy in his suitcase. Now the Wall Street Journal is raving about Antica Drogheria Francioni’s Fennel Pollen, encouraging readers to "believe the hype":

"Few gastonomic discoveries prompt such effusive descriptions as a first taste of fennel pollen...[we'll] settle simply for the word 'magic.'"

Fennel Pollen is not fennel seed

In the article, writer Jane Black gushes about Fennel Pollen and differentiates it from the oft-maligned fennel seed:

Its character is (magically enough) both more subtle and more intense than the more familiar [fennel seeds], with the brisk freshness of fennel fronds and a lovely hum of sweetness.

In eastern Tuscany, Antica Drogheria Francioni hand-harvests wild fennel flowers when they are laden with pollen. They then carefully spread the flowers on wide wooden boards to dry, leaving them untouched to ensure the pollen's essential oils do not dissipate and lose their powerful scent.

When completely dry, the pollen has a heady aroma of anise, golden-green color, and crisp texture.

Let Fennel Pollen shine

The beauty of Fennel Pollen is its versatility; it adds delicious depth to every dish—from pork to seared tuna, fresh cheeses to fruit tortas. To get the most out of Fennel Pollen’s magical properties, do as the Wall Street Journal recommends: serve it simply to let its subtle flavor shine. Try using it Rolando’s favorite way which he shares in the article!

“Mr. Beramendi loves to sprinkle it over fresh anchovies or swordfish garnished with parsley.

For more winning ways to cook with fennel pollen, check out our Fennel Pollen product page and the article below.

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