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Manicaretti Named One of Top Three Importers by Rosengarten Report

Manicaretti Named One of Top Three Importers by Rosengarten Report

In his recently re-launched food newsletter, The Rosengarten Report, food writer and cookbook author David Rosengarten names Manicaretti one of the top three American importers of Italian food and grants us the most 5-star product ratings.

In Rosengarten's words: "The distinction of Manicaretti is the depth and structure and solidity of the business Rolando has been able to build since 1988... all on the fabulous, authentic Italian products."

Take a look at the products that David Rosengarten honors with his highest rating, including some of his own thoughts about each star food.

Our Rosengarten Report 5-Star Products

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Bottarga di Muggine from Ittica d'Or
"Do you know Bottarga? If not, you must makes its acquantance, and this superb version imported by Manicaretti would be a helluva way to start!"

Estratto di Pomodoro from Maria Grammatico
"There is tomato paste, and there is tomato paste. And then there is Maria Grammatico's Estratto di Pomodoro. This product, for me, will now be a beloved pantry staple."

Colatura di Alici di Cetara (Anchovy Extract) by IASA
"I reach for Manicaretti version's when I really want a big fish/salt intrusion into the dish. I learned that trick years ago from Julia Child."

Coarse Hazelnut Chocolate Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Il Colle del Gusto
"The silken chocolate cream that underlies it all is seductive and the crunchy hazelnuts that wander through are explosive."

Sicilian Pistachio Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Il Colle del Gusto
"Rolando made a stunning discovery recently: It is a surefire WOW extractor! The more subtle specificity of pistachio nuts emerges as the spread sits on your tongue. Talk about exclusive!"

Extra Virgin Olive Oils
"I didn't even realize it when i started this project, but Manicaretti has been leading the way in superior olive oil on these shores for a long time. The three brands I tasted recently are category leaders and category establishers — I had no idea they were bound together by the same importer!"

Olio Verde from Sicily
"A high-class but low-key oil, except for the finish, which has considerably lively bitterness."

Frescobaldi Laudemio from Tuscany
"Fairly rich, very complex, it carries a distinct wheatgrass note mixed with apple and spices."

Tenuta di Capezza from Tuscany
"Perfect Tuscan nose combining grassy elements with artichoke, pumpkin and almonds."

Pasta and Grains from Rustichella d'Abruzzo
"Rustichella d'Abruzzo is an ultra-soulful Abruzzese pasta producer operating just a few miles upland from the Adriatic Sea. Their catalogue is complex, featuring dozens and dozens of pasta shapes. Here are four of my favorites: PrimoGrano Sagne a Pezzi, Egg Pappardelle, Whole Grain Farro and Spaghetti (seen below).

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