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David Rosengarten Hails Manicaretti Olive Oils

David Rosengarten Hails Manicaretti Olive Oils

In the latest issue of The Rosengarten Report, food writer and cookbook author David Rosengarten features three of our best extra virgin olive oils. In his article, "Italian Olive Oil: The Smile of 2015," he writes: 

"In the December 2014 Rosengarten Report, we loved Manicaretti Tuscan Tenuta di Capezzana, and their Frescobaldi Laudemio (also Tuscan) was just a drop behind. The widely distributed Olio Verde from Sicily was in third place. This year, among the 2015s . . . the Capezzana and the Frescobaldi Laudemio flipped positions . . . with Frescobaldi Laudemio finishing first . . . by quite a wide margin! Like last year, the Olio Verde was third."

The Rosengarten Top 3 – Our Smiles of 2015

Take a look at what David Rosengarten calls "the best Italian olive oils I've tasted since 2012!"

Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany
"Crystal-clear medium-green oil. On the nose, a Tuscan texbook, with wheatgrass and artichokes. (. . .) I'm dreaming Bistecca Fiorentina with this explosive baby."

Tenuta di Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany
"Subtle glint of green. (. . .) Perfect Tuscan nose (. . .) the palate is a beautiful silk. It would be dreamy drizzled on medium flavor grills, like veal or chicken."

Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily
"Good fruit along the way leading to a throat-scratching, peppery explosion in the finish. A simply great everyday oil for medium-flavorful dishes that can use a texture boost, and a spicy nudge."

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