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Pedro Ximenez Vinegar - Sweet

Produced by:


in Andalucía, Spain

Ingredients: wine vinegar from PX grapes

Pedro Ximénez Dry and Sweet Vinegars from Spain are a step above ordinary sherry vinegar. It all begins with award-winning dry and sweet wines of Montilla from Bodegas Alvear, the oldest winery in Andalucía. These are made exclusively with the Pedro Ximénez grape, giving the wine—and thus the vinegars—tremendous depth of flavor.

Sweet PX wine begins with late-harvest grapes that are sun-dried to further concentrate their flavor and sweetness. They are vinified under the velo de flor (a unique yeast indigenous to the soil in Montilla, which produces a dry nutty flavors), before undergoing 10 years of fermentation and aging in the exacting solera system, where the wine is slowly blended cask to cask and developed into a versatile vinegar. Special care in both winemaking and barrel aging makes for quality and flavor unlike any other sherry-style vinegar.

Pedro Ximénez Sweet Vinegar has a raisiny sweetness complemented by rich notes of vanilla, toffee, and baked figs, as well as a refined acidity (6%). Drizzle over thinly sliced oranges and fennel. Whisk into vinaigrettes for fall salads of blue cheese, chicories, and pears. Use in deglazing and making pan sauces for pork chops, chicken, and veal.

Our friend Kitty, who sourced this vinegar, says: “Quality to price, there is nothing better than the Alvear PX Vinegars, sweet or dry. The thing I really like about them is their nuanced, elegant flavors, stemming from the high-quality wine and the fact that it's been aged 10 years. This makes for a lot of subtext flavors that monumentally effect the outcome of a dish.”

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