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Pâtes de Fruits Clementine Squares

Produced by:

François Doucet

in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France

Ingredients: Fruit pulp (51%), sugar, wheat glucose syrup, pectin, citric acid, natural flavorings.

F. Doucet is famous for its Pâtes de Fruits, the shimmering, sugar-dusted fruit jellies. The skilled team makes them in small batches: stirring fresh fruit pulp in copper cauldrons, carefully slicing the candy into squares, and delicately coating them in sugar.

François Doucet's Clementine Pâtes de Fruits are made with small, juicy, and tart clementines. With 51% fruit, each Pâte de Fruit bursts with the bright flavor of ripe winter citrus bounty. 

Traditionally enjoyed as part of an after-dinner or tea-time dessert course, these jelly treats are also great for gifting and snacking. Plus, unlike other candies, Pâtes de Fruits tolerate heat without melting or blooming.

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90 gr/3.2 oz
0.9 kg/2 lb