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Produced by:

Biscottificio Antonio Mattei

in Tuscany, Italy

  • Available 4th Quarter Only

Antonio Mattei collaborated with third-generation panforte makers Marabissi to create a special recipe for the traditional sweet of Siena for us.

Panforte is one the most famous specialties of the Tuscan city of Siena, with the first evidence dating back to the year 1000. This flat, dense, round confection is very similar to a soft torrone. It is made by dissolving sugar with honey and a touch of flour, and then mixing in almonds, chopped candied fruit, and spices. The mixture is then baked in a shallow round dish until firm and dry.

Antonio Mattei Panforte is wrapped in a decorative paper in their iconic Mattei blue and contains an envelope of powder sugar for dusting before serving. Ideal as a festive end to a meal, Panforte cut into small wedges pairs well with coffee or a glass of sweet dessert wine such as Vinsanto.

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit/CaseCase WeightUnit PriceCase PriceUPC Code
100 gr/3.5 oz
2.3 kg/5 lb
250 gr/8.8 oz
3.6 kg/8 lb
450 gr/15.8 oz
5 kg/11 lb