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Spanish Herb Bundles - Farcellets

Produced by:

KL Keller Selection

in California, United States

Ingredients: bay leaf, thyme, oregano, savory

These herb bundles from northern Spain are a bouquet garni with a Spanish twist: thyme, oregano and savory wrapped in a bay leaf and tied by hand. 

Farcellets are a versatile and easy-to-use selection of aromatic herbs for cooking. They are wonderful to have on hand in the dark winter months when fresh herbs are not as abundant. In Spain, it is common to see farcellets pre-packaged with simple vegetables for one-stop soup supplies. They are fantastic in a pot of beans or stew. Place one or two in the cavity of a hen before roasting to flavor from the inside out.

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3 pc
0.9 kg/2 lb

Serving Suggestions & Recipes

  • Heat with the liquid when making stock.
  • Soak and put beside the coals for aromatic barbecue.
  • Put in with braising liquid when slow-cooking a roast.
  • Use as the herbs in coq au vin.
  • Use as the herb bundle in daube Provençal.
  • Use as the herb bundle in Spanish fish stew.
  • Add to a marinade for flank steak.
  • Use in green lentil and sausage stew.