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Fleur de Sel

Produced by:

Gilles Hervy

in Brittany, France

Ingredients: sea salt from Guérande

The sea salts of Guérande in Brittany, France, have been celebrated for their fine flavor since salt harvesting began in its marshes more than 1,200 years ago. Kitty Keller first met artisan paludier (salt worker) Gilles Hervy in 1997 after scouring the region for the finest Fleur de Sel. Gilles still harvests his natural, unprocessed sea salts by hand, using age-old traditional methods.

Collected from daily harvests of the delicate top layer of the salt ponds throughout the summer, Gilles Hervy Fleur de Sel (“flower of salt”) retains its original moisture with a fine texture, pure white color, and clean flavor of the sea. 

Use this sublime Fleur de Sel as a finishing salt on all your favorite dishes. Sprinkle on grilled steaks, fresh tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and more for a crunchy burst of flavor.

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150 gr/5.4 oz
4.5 kg/10 lb