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Anchovy Paste

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in Campania, Italy

Ingredients: anchovies 85%, olive oil, salt

IASA's Anchovy Paste is made with just three ingredients: anchovies that have been salt-cured for 12 months, olive oil and salt. It adds instant depth and big, bold umami flavor with just a squeeze. 

Anchovy Paste (Pasta di Acciughe) is very popular in Italy, where it is commonly used as a spread for panini or as a topping for buttered toast. Keep a tube on hand for spur-of-the-moment Caesar salad dressing, pasta puttanesca or any sauce that could use a briny, savory kick. Take your pasta aglio olio e peperoncino (pasta with garlic, olive oil and chili pepper) to new heights! Skip the ranch and dip your vegetables in bagna cauda, a warm mix (bagna cauda meaning "hot bath") of extra virgin olive oil, butter, garlic and anchovies.

Tubes come in a display box.

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit/CaseCase WeightUnit PriceCase PriceUPC Code
55 gr/1.9 oz
1.8 kg/4 lb

Serving Suggestions & Recipes

  • Use to marinate grilled fish.
  • Ideal in a Caesar salad dressing.
  • Add flavor to fish stew or shellfish chowder.