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Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 95gr

Produced by:


in Campania, Italy

Ingredients: anchovies 60%, olive oil 37%, salt

IASA Anchovy Fillets have an outstanding complexity of flavors— their saltiness, brininess, and sweetness are in perfect balance. We also love their surprisingly meaty, succulent texture.

Freshly caught anchovies from the waters off the Amalfi coast are cured under sea salt for 12 months, then carefully cleaned and deboned by hand. The firm pink fillets are laid over crisp white linen cloths that help absorb the brine and salt. After a few minutes of drying, the fillets are masterfully lined side-by-side in glass jars and covered with olive oil. 

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit/CaseCase WeightUnit PriceCase PriceUPC Code
95 gr/3.4 oz
2.2 kg/5 lb
200 gr/7.1 oz
2.2 kg/5 lb

Serving Suggestions & Recipes

  • Use as a garnish for hard boiled eggs.
  • Use to make a perfect Caesar salad.
  • Enjoy on a thick slice of buttered bread.