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Bramata Bianca - Coarse White Polenta

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in Lombardia, Italy

Ingredients: white corn meal

White polenta is usually served in Venice and the surrounding area, as well as in Friuli, where it is known as Polenta Bianca.

Bramata Bianca is made from vitreous white corn that is dried and ground to a coarse meal, in the same manner as Bramata polenta. Served both soft and hard, white polenta is present in almost every restaurant around the lagoon of Venice and around the coast line of Trieste. 

For a soft polenta, boil 3 quarts of water and pour the white polenta in gently and stir for 30-45 minutes. For a firm, dense polenta, boil 2 quarts of water and proceed as usual. Pour in an oiled cookie sheet or mold and let cool before slicing and grilling or frying. 

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500 gr/1.1 lb
5.4 kg/12 lb