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Decorative Ingredients

Enlighten your food and drinks with the sparkle of Florentine gold and silver.

There is a revival today of the ancient tradition of enhancing the dinner table by decorating dishes and food with edible gold and silver. Gold was used by the ancient Egyptians, as they believed it would make them immortal. The American Indians used to add gold to their food in the hope that it would help them become airborne, and for the Asians it has been votive food for centuries.

In Europe, and especially during the Renaissance period in Italy, gold made its appearance on noble tables and in banquets as a decorative element to enrich and add a touch of glitter to food and beverages. The use of edible gold and silver as we know it today – an “ingredient”  employed worldwide to brighten up the dinner table, rather than a sacred or magical element – spread throughout Florence, Padova and Venice during the 15th century.

All the products of the “Edible” line of Giusto Manetti Battiloro are certified by the LGA laboratories and respond to the European regulations regarding alimentary colorants for the decoration of food and drinks.

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Balsamic Pearls

Balsamic Pearls Perle di Balsamico – Call for Availability