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Marchesi di San Giuliano

San Giuliano has belonged to the Marchesi Castello di San Giuliano for over 800 years. Near to Siracusa, on the east coast of Sicily, on a 22 acre estate, San Giuliano boasts some of the most fertile soil in all of Sicily. It is particularly suited to growing citrus fruits. Trees planted in the early 1800s are still bearing fruit!

Production takes place entirely on the San Guiliano estate. The recipe for the jams has remained unchanged for years. It is made entirely by hand in small batches using only fresh fruit. Grown organically since the 1980s, the fruit is harvested by hand with production taking place during the winter months, when the fruit is mature and ready to be harvested. The fruit is cut and left to stand for about one day. Then, it is slowly cooked down, adding sugar and lemon juice. No thickeners or preservatives are ever used. The high proportion of fruit, combined with natural ingredients and strict production standards, insure that San Giuliano products have a traditional taste and texture.

Serving suggestions include serving it on toast, topping for ice cream, as a sauce for game meats.


  • Street: Contrada San Giuliano
  • Postcode: 96010
  • City: Villasmundo
  • State: Siracusa (SR)


  • Telephone: +39-055-239-9931
  • Fax: info@marchesidisangiuliano.it