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PrimoGrano Products

Supporting traditional foodways with heirloom products from Abruzzo.

Primo grano, meaning “first grain” in Italian, was an inspiration of Rustichella d’Abruzzo’s pasta master Gianluigi Peduzzi, who wanted to revive the flavors of authentic pasta crafted with 100% Abruzzo-grown wheat (like that made by his grandfather). PrimoGrano began as a line of pasta, and over time has naturally expanded to include additional local products from the Abruzzo region, such as extra virgin olive oil from the local Intosso olive varietal, and heirloom Pera d’Abruzzo tomatoes.

Known as “the greenest region in Europe,” the Abruzzo is a rich, geographically diverse area, positioned 50 miles east of Rome in central Italy. The region encompasses a mountainous range in the west, and reaches east to the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea. The mountain-pure spring water that runs through its hilly region is one of the hallmark features used in local agriculture (and pasta production!), making Abruzzo-grown crops among the best in Italy.

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