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  • Flavors of Abruzzo

    PrimoGrano Pasta has the aroma of freshly baked bread combined with a delicate texture.

  • Quality and Tradition.

    Learn about the exceptional rice from Principato di Lucedio.

  • Biscotti di Prato

    A gift in a blue bag that needs no ribbons. The authentic Tuscan biscotti since 1858.

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Meet Our Producers

  • Franca Franzoni

    Franca Franzoni

    Franca Franzoni's passion for beekeeping and her knowledge of Tuscany's ever-changing landscape of blossoms help her create the incredible golden nectar we call Franca's honey. Franca considers herself a partner in the bees' efforts, aiding in the building of the hives, carefully planning their foraging paths and assuring production of a pure, clean artisan product.

  • Titone


    Olive oil from the Titone farm in western Sicily is the product of the family's devotion to traditional and organic farming methods and a scientific approach. It comes as no surprise that the dynamic father and daughter team making this immaculate oil are both pharmacists. Nicola and Antonella know that extra virgin olive oil is essential to a healthier life.

  •  Il Miele della Vita - Michele Gaido

    Il Miele della Vita - Michele Gaido

    Michele Gaido has been producing honeys in Piedmont since 1989, leaving his job as a banker to dedicate himself completely to beekeeping. Il Miele della Vita (the Honey of Life) celebrates Gaido's belief that good food has healing properties for both body and mind.

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